How it Works

Free Online Estimate

Simply submit an online estimate form through our website and we will email you a detailed and competitive estimate for your project.  It is important that you provide photos and vivid details of the project so we can provide you with an accurate estimate.

In-person Verification and Consultation

If you like our estimate, then schedule an in-person consultation where our professional staff will meet with you at the project location.  During the appointment, we will confirm all the work detailed in the original estimate and advise you on all construction issues. We will then make any necessary last amendments to your estimate.


Order Supplies and Start Work

We will draft a contract based on the estimate details. After an agreement, the contract will be signed and we will be ready to start your new project. We will then order all the supplies needed for your project to prevent any delays.



Our professional staff will be in constant contact with you during the production process to address all your needs.  At your request, we could send you photos via email or text to facilitate effortless communication.

Completion and quality assurance

At this stage, all touch–up work and cleaning will already be done. We will complete a final walk-thru inspection to ensure that all items were complete to your satisfaction. Quality and service is always our number one Goal.

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